Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Sales Manager's Game Plan

When I observe the sales landscape it amazes me how difficult it is to uncover sales managers that really know what they are doing!

Overwhelmingly the successful managers all have one thing in common: a GAME PLAN!

As Essendon devotees celebrate the coming of James Hird and his new coaching panel, I got thinking they would have a game plan. A well thought out, considered, actionable game plan!

So, what should a sales managers GAME PLAN look like for sales teams?

1. Based on a Philosophy – What’s your philosophy as a sales leader, a coach and mentor of the team? As the sales leader it's no longer about you, it's about the achievements of the sales team. You create effectiveness and success by coaching and leading them with a common goal and vision.

2. Simple Games We Play - The great Alan Jeans, AFL legend from Hawthorn, had the simplest game plan. There were three states of play:
  • We have the ball,
  • They have the ball,
  • The ball is in dispute.
With this in mind, what are your key pillars, actions or foundations for sales success? Maybe it is just ‘retain and grow’ or simply ‘seek and gain’.

3. Activities and KPI,s to deliver the results - What does this team have to do to deliver this plan? Statistically, what amount of kicks, handballs and tackles does the team need to achieve targets and sales success.

These rare individuals have a firm grasp on what it is to be a sales manager – they have a clear understanding of…
  • What sales management is?
  • What their role is?
  • What sales effectiveness look like?

It is obvious the success of a sales manager is reliant on the success of the sales team. Overall, the key here for Sales Managers is: have a clear GAME PLAN and KEEP IT SIMPLE.

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