Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Passion and Selling

The effects of passion on sales success has long been debated in the Sales Science Lab at Banjar Group. 

In our Sales Competency Model passion currently sits under other attributes such as energy, resilience and stamina. These are all hallmarks of great sales people. Does passion sit here or is it a greater force all on its own?

From what I've observed, it is clear that the best sales professionals are not only very passionate about their career in selling – they love it! They are passionate about the environments they sell into and the ‘stuff’ they sell.

There is also plenty of evidence that when you combine passion and practice there are positive outcomes.

Passion + Practice = Opportunities for Success.

It is not just luck!

Take Jason Winderlich, not a sales person, but an AFL footballer. As a 16 year-old the Essendon mid-fielder played 52 games of footy in one year. He played Under 16’s, Under 18’s and Open Age every Saturday! Clearly, he is passionate about his footy. He practiced heaps and then the doors of the elite league opened for him. In 2002 he was picked in the National Draft!

The most successful people I have met, or observed, have followed this same path: 

Passion + Practice = Opportunity.

Are you passionate about selling or whatever it is you do?

If not, shift. Get out and find your passion!