Friday, 10 June 2011

Are you a LINO

Two weeks ago I attended and spoke at the Australian Mindshop Conference in Sydney. Our keynote was the Western Bulldogs President David Smorgon of the famous Smorgon family business.

What a story he told of growing up, endurance, life skills, hard work, innovation and eventually selling his family business in its prime.

In the middle of this keynote he commented on the person that created the most anger in him and his businesses over the years, the LINO'S.

It stands for 'Leaders In Name Only'. LINO.

He went on to describe their characteristics:

  • They are there by default
  • Resist change
  • Lack awareness
  • Love developing process
  • Manage by fear
  • De-motivate teams
  • Rarely take responsibility for anything
  • Always take on more duties than needed
  • Rarely innovate
  • Love titles (like Sales Director)
  • Avoid conflicts

Are you a LINO leader or do you have one in your business? If so can they change? Are they holding a strategic position like Sales Manager, and their sales team just not making target? Ever wondered why? Look closely for these people as they are good at hiding.

David went on to comment that these people had a knack of avoiding scrutiny but when fully understood and revealed, had caused incredible issues for the business. Leaders by title have a duty of care to manage, lead, inspire, create, innovate and guide, but most of all, they must create an environment where all in it have the opportunity to grow and thrive. That builds great brands, organisations and communities.

Do a check on your LINO suspects and take action before its too late.


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