Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sales Shift - Stop the Patter

Sales is shifting again. We have moved on from the order taker – the GFC fixed that. The GFC gobbled up natural demand and forced the real sales people to thrive; and thrive they have. The order taker sales person is finished.

Sales people who have survived the order taker cull have decided to tell faster. These people don't get the rules of the sales cat. They figure the more they know and the faster they can tell people about it the more sales they will make. Right? Wrong.

This behaviour of course allows the cream to rise to the top. Enter the transformers.

These are the sales people that live in the third circle of selling. 

The first circle is all about product knowledge, throwing it at the marketplace and hoping for sales.

The second circle sees the sales person pitch the product at the customer, adding some value and describing how it may help them.

The  third circle is where the knowledge of the customers environment, combined with the problem the product solves for the customer, integrates a mature approach to business dynamics.

Transformers get how their 'stuff' solves business problems.
Transformers can link product, problems and solutions very well.
Transformers are masters at getting customers to see the value.
Transformers sell outcomes not more 'stuff!'
Transformers deliver 87% of sales results.

In this new world of selling it will be the transformers who thrive. Do you have one? Do you know who the others are and what they are costing your business?

Transformers – the sales cat of today.


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