Wednesday, 11 April 2012

12 Days and Still Smiling!

A few weeks ago in WA, I ventured into the heart of Northbridge to find somewhere to eat. Lots of options but not much that raised my interest until I stumbled on Aisuru Sushi.

With it's bright new interior and clearly definable prescence on the corner of James Street, I sensed something special and I was not disappointed.

As I opened the door, staff members looked and smiled at me, the customer entering their domain. "Welcome," the chef smiled from behind the counter. 

I sat down and was immediately greeted by a cheerful waitress who said "Thank you for joining us and welcome to Aisuru." She explained the menu and left me to read on. As I sat I was also welcomed by a clean-cut almost lawyer-like young man who clearly had some involvement in the restaurant.

I choose my meal and had it reviewed on a iPad right in front of me, pictures and all!

After one of the best Japanese meals I have ever had, I got up to pay. At the cash register of this beautiful establishment I was once again greeted by my professional host.

"How was your meal?" he asked. "Exceptional," I said. It was here the real story unfolded.

Ken Wong, the son of a Hong Kong restaurant family is a trained and qualified lawyer and up until 12 months ago was practicing in Perth. He decided one day to leave his life as a lawyer behind, and peruse his passion and heritage for fine dining. His first restaurant had been open only 12 days and I have no doubt it will be a roaring success.

After a great chat I thanked all the staff who wished me all the best and a big please come back smile.

What we can learn from Ken's journey so far?

What ever you're doing now, if you are not a 100% passionate and committed to it get out and find the passion. The most successful people in the world have one common thread, unwavering passion for what they do.

Smiles work! Get your people happy, engaging and smiling. Hire smile attitudes not sad ones.

Despite all the wonderful fit out, the incredible food and the position, it will be the attitude of Ken and his staff over time that will mean long term success and awards.

Well done Ken you are a sales cat and a star!


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