Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Simple Tip on How to Increase Sales

Sales Managers have a tough job. Grow sales by improving sales effectiveness of the sales team – the sales behaviors.

They must keep all those they report to happy, as well as coach the team, drive tactical and strategic sales, motivate, smack and hug. If we compare it to a set of golf clubs, a sales manager must use nearly all his leadership clubs daily! Some days a driver, and other days a six iron with a soft hands chip and run. They need to be flexible, multiple club players to win at sales management golf.

Amongst all the busyness there is one activity which must be completed weekly. Building sales behaviors in your sales team is key to high performing sales. 

How do you change sales behaviours?

Once you have identified the key sales competencies needed in the role of sales, audit your team against them. The simplest method is to use a scale from 1-10. Score them from a sales manager's point of view and also allow them self assess. Come together monthly and compare results. Focus on the weaker competencies and develop coaching around the main 4–5 behaviors that require change. Coach over the following 30 days to increase the effectiveness of those behaviors.

Let's say, for example, the competency is 'good planning.'  If a member of your sales team is unorganized, a little overwhelmed and/or complaining of time management issues then coach the behaviors of goal setting, priority management and one page planning over the next 30 days. Over time the results will reflect with better sales.

Armed with a set of 4–5 sales behaviors to coach every month, ad-hoc support will become a thing of the past and a disciplined approach to increase great sales behaviors in your team will result.

This is how great sales managers coach their team to become sales champions.


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